Environmental Info

Thinking Green? So Are We!


Our Bags Are Recyclable
The Crystal Clear Bags are made of polypropylene, 1.6 mil in thickness, extremely clear, strong and acid free. If you need long life protection for your art prints, original paintings, photographs, art cards, comic collections, etc… any items where you need archival aspects, then the Crystal Clear Bags are your choice. Long life protection can be 1 year to 100 years.
Eco Clear Bags
If you are thinking green and want a product that is ECO-FRIENDLY to the environment, then we have a choice for you and that is the EARTH FIRST PLA Bags! These bags are made from plants. They are biodegradable, compostable, sustainable, heat sealable, high clarity, strong and meet FDA standards for food packaging. However, they are NOT acid free and will NOT meet the long life requirements of thePolypropylene Bags.


Eco Clear Shrink Wrap
Environmentally Friendly Shrink Wrap Film uses EarthFirst PLA. It is the eco-logical choice for environmentally friendly center fold applications. Made from plants in the USA.

Green Seal Certified Products
Mohawk Deckle and Plain Envelopes & Card Stock are featured as an environmentally friendly choice. Many Mohawk envelopes are green Seal Certified and 100% post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content. Not only was Mohawk the first paper mill to use coated paper from post consumer waste fiber, but they also use wind power to generate 100% of the electricity used in paper production.

Recycled Packaging

As a Canadian business, we are constantly aware of the environmental effects of products that are available today and constantly look for environment friendly. Also, we make every endevour to do our part to protect the environment and as such we strive to recycle all materials we use for packaging and shipping.