About Crystal Clear Bags Canada Inc.

Crystal Clear Bags Canada Inc. has been supplying Artistic Packaging to our customers since March of 1999.

Our focus has always been directed towards eliminating the time and costs associated with the shrink-wrapping of art prints and striving to provide the best quality and value for artistic packaging and accessories.

Recognizing the demand for Crisp, Clean and Clear artistic packaging, we at Crystal Clear Bags Inc. jumped at the opportunity to expand our inventory and bring Professional Quality products to Canadians from coast to coast. Over the years, our client base has grown and our Crystal Clear Bags, Envelopes and Accessories are now being utilized by Photographers, Mailing Houses, Printers, Painters, Retailers, Collectors, Calligraphers, Scrapbookers and Artists of all kinds, who value exceptional quality and service.

Everyone at Crystal Clear Bags Canada Inc. has always enjoyed communicating with our Customers and we encourage you to contact us directly! For those who like to speak with a “real person”, our friendly Customer Service Agents are available each weekday by phone (9 am – 5 pm EST), to answer any questions and help place orders. If you are more computer savvy, send us a quick e-mail or “Like” us on Facebook and use this forum to ask questions and gain feedback from us, as well as from fellow members of the Artistic Community. Also, feel free to add your own comments regarding the projects that you have used Crystal Clear Bags for in the past, as well as your plans for our products in the future!

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