Hand Sealers

Hand Sealers
Hand Sealers

Hand Sealers

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Impulse sealers require no warm-up time and seal by applying a pulse of energy to the sealing area, followed immediately by cooling. Impulse sealers only use power when the lever is lowered. We recommend an impulse sealer for any thermoplastic material such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) which requires a lower seal temperature. Hand sealers can seal poly material up to 10mil thickness.

The FS- series are both durable and economical. The all-metal construction of our sealers provides industrial quality, strength, and ensures lasting durability. The body is formed out of rugged cast aluminum while the pivot is an all-steel construction. Most sealers are equipped with a plug-in electronic timer and built-in micro switch. No warm-up time is needed. The variable timer lets you seal various types and thicknesses of plastic films. The sealing lever is lowered manually. A signal light indicates the heat cycle is complete and the seal is done.

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For best results use the estimated hand sealer time settings and test the seal on your bags to determine the optimal seal setting for that particular product.

inches mm inches mm (Qty) 1 Quantity Price Add To Cart
203mm 8" (Inner: 10mm) (Inner: 3/8")
10mm Seal
203mm 8" 10mm 3/8" $139.00
203mm 8" (Inner: 5mm) (Inner: 3/16")
5mm Seal
203mm 8" 5mm 3/16" $130.00
203mm 8" (Inner: 2mm) (Inner: 1/16")
2mm Seal
203mm 8" 2mm 1/16" $110.00
406mm 16" (Inner: 5mm) (Inner: 3/16")
5mm Seal
406mm 16" 5mm 3/16" $230.00