Miscellaneous Adhesives

Miscellaneous Adhesives
Miscellaneous Adhesives

Miscellaneous Adhesives

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These adhesives are economical two sided adhesives.

Pre-Cut Mounting Squares: Convenient when you want to mount a photograph without having to see the tape.  Quickly stick the square to the back of the item you would like to adhere, remove the protective covering, and place the item where you would like it to stick.

Poster Tape for Smooth Surfaces: The Smooth Surface Version meets the needs of Artists, Teachers and Maintenance Staff everywhere to be able to put up art and posters without the need to repaint when removed. Damage free, residue free removal takes some of the cost out of classroom, hallway and residence room maintenance.

Poster Tape for Rough Wall Surfaces: The same strength yet removable adhesive as our Poster Tape, but with a conformable foam backing to give a strong bond to rough walls such as roller painted plaster, painted cinder block or pebble grain fridge doors, or to hold up art work, heavier posters or calendars while still allowing easy removal when desired. The Rough Wall version met the needs of university residents to put up photos or prints or posters of whatever on painted block walls, and be removed whenever, without damage or the need to repaint.

inches mm (Qty) 1210 Quantity Price Add To Cart
13mm 1/2"
Photo Mounting Squares
13mm 1/2" $10.00$9.00$7.50
24mm x 2mm 15/16" x 1/16"
Poster Tape - Rough Wall
24mm x 2mm 15/16" x 1/16" $4.89$3.89
24mm x 5mm 15/16" x 3/16"
Poster Tape - Smooth Wall
24mm x 5mm 15/16" x 3/16" $4.89$3.89